I wanted to thank you for your welcome and I was very impressed by Andrea's availability and patience. I really appreciated your facility, which is quite exceptional.

I may have the opportunity to do another training session for another year, but anyway, I'll be sure to say all the good things I think about it. Best regards,



I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful time I had at yours. I really enjoyed each moment and I'm full of strong impressions of colors, nature and harmony.

And also thanks a lot for taking care of us. Many greetings and a big hug for both of you,


Hi there!

I came back home with so many wonderful memories! I really enjoyed my time with all of you.

Thank you Jean-Francois for your time and the wonderful meals we all shared together, and thank you to all of you for making me feel so welcome.

Best regards, Patricia B. California

Margriet V.D., Netherlands

I sincerely will miss Feutre Formation France, you and Krystel this year! For me, it is the best feel-good wool felting venue ever: Your sense of hospitality, the beautiful venue and excellent facilities I call it working in paradise.

Thank you for this experience, JF and Krystel. I hope to experience this many more times. Margriet

I'll always remember the wonderful days at your home and the great atmosphere for just being, feeling good, and free to create, communicate, enjoy and relax. You have created a very special and lovely place and fill it with your wonderful personalities... Such a beautiful experience!

Love and greetings from rainy Berlin,

Dagmar Binder