Natalya Brashovetska

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I was born in Ukraine and live in Cyprus for fifteen years. I have always been creative and made clothes even when I was a kid.

Of all the felt items I've designed and created, felt bags and especially boots have become my passion and have become a priority among the other felt items I'm able to do very well. When I started felting, my goal was to create not only beautiful shoes, but also functional and durable shoes. To this end, I developed my own technique. It is a balance between the traditional know-how of the shoemaker and the felting. With my technique, you will be able to perform all the steps of creating a shoe without using a shoemaker.

I also designed and created felted garments, bags, shawls and scarves using various felting techniques and learned from the best felt makers and designers.

I promoted the felt and shared my knowledge and experience by running various felt making workshops, master classes and participating in various exhibitions.