Krystel Chavigny

The meeting with a felted designer during a symposium on color shows Krystel Chavigny the felt, a material that will fascinate her. It also allows her to give herself a new creative, positive and coherent project.

It settles in rural areas where the raw material is produced. She trained with Christina Zofall and created her business in Montbrun Bocage, Haute Garonne, in 2003.

The felt will also allow him to give free rein to his creativity. Krystel, a stylist by training, began by creating knit and felt garments to make her clients aware of this material, which is still little used in fashion. Then imperceptibly, with wool carded and combed of different qualities and origins it is moving towards other fields of applications such as decorative elements, sculptures or installations. The wool guides and directs its project which always begins with the realization of a sample thus composing a more or less thick, flexible or compact matter that it works like clay. The result is different and amazing each time.

Krystel Chavigny is one of the founding members of the association Feutre Art Textile, was part of the working group initiator of the European Days of Felletin felt in the Creuse, is co-organizer of the Days of Wool Montbrun Bocage. In addition, she opened a training workshop in which are invited each year internationally recognized teachers.

The continuation of my career in the textile industry as a fashion designer is now focused on the wool material, more precisely its transformation and the transition from wool to felt. This technique sets in motion different processes of implementation: the placement of the wool which can be carded or combed, moment of maximum attention for the homogeneity of the material, then the humidity is added to impregnate the fiber, the soap in moderation helping the opening of the fibers.

Moment of fragility, and beginning of the fabrication of the material which consists in following and after multiple massages, kneading, to feel the material to become dense at hand and to give it the form previously drawn, measured, define the outlines of the project. "I like this commitment, this dialogue, this sharing with the material. It is she who directs me by its quality in one direction rather than another.