Judit Toth Pocs

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I met Felt in 1992 and since then, it's my passion.

I live and work in Kecskemét with my family in Hungary. At first, I mainly made personal use items, such as bags, handbags, carpets. After a while, I asked more to the technique, so I started experimenting with how to develop the felt in 3D. That's how I came to make statues in felt. It is especially this approach that characterizes my works and my creation.

The interest of this plastic approach is that these works are made of one piece, they are not sewed, except exceptionally in a decorative purpose. I like the freedom to feel shapes and colors. The colors can be used, mixed and mixed with each other, and modified by the action of water. The different colored layers intertwine and create new colors in their turn.

I like to create order from chaos, arrange the fibers into one set by the action of my hands. I like to incorporate different materials and rub them together, to give the impression that they could have belonged to the material from its origin.

I am a member of the Hungarian Society of Creative Artists (MAOE), the Kecskemét Art Society (KKK), the Artistic Society Workshop (Kecskemét) and the X-group ".