Marie Marquet

Archaeologist, ethnologist having worked in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, I specialized in the study of textiles, and more specifically natural sources of dyes: plants and fungi. Practicing for many years these dyeing techniques, I regularly present them in different museums and sites through workshops for the general public. I also teach training and internships. My career has naturally completed a botanical work for the identification of plants sources of dyes, which led to the writing of a book published by Belin, entitled "Guide to natural dyes". A few detours in the world of costume, entertainment and fashion, completed these experiences, leading me to projects in partnership with stylists.

Today, the theme of plant dyes allows me to transmit a look attentive and amazed the world: a certain relationship with our environment, which offers us many resources today unknown, to preserve, the fascination for the manifestation of the color chemistry, the joy of walking in town or in the countryside and being able to recognize and name the plants encountered, knowing how to draw the color, thanks to simple or complex recipes from the heritage of each culture .... And give meaning to the materials and colors that serve us as second skin.