Charity Van Der Meer

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"My name is Charity van der Meer-Musoma, I was born in Zambia, Africa, grew up in nature between branches and leaves, which gave me a lot of inspiration for my contemporary work. I studied fashion and knitwear design at the University of Art and Design, Nottingham, United Kingdom in 2002. Then I moved to the Netherlands to create a new fashion style using felting and knitting techniques.

My professionnal name is Sharit. This comes from Share-It. It's my passion to share my creations with others and inspire them and stimulate their creative thinking. "

Charity has developed her own collection using the felting technique. She believes that felt gives her a wide range of creative possibilities, which she pursues by constantly researching and experimenting with new materials and techniques using natural textiles, raw materials and organic fibers. Her "Sharit Ethical Fashion" collection caught Li Edelkoort's attention in Paris, where her dresses were used in the collection.

"Felt has given me a chance to express myself beyond the conformity of traditional felt- and dress-making, there are endless possibilities and I am always looking for new materials and new techniques. All the material I use tells its own story through my pieces, and my unique creations are breathtaking combinations of natural fabrics, raw materials and organic fibers. "

In recent years, she has travelled and taught throughout Europe using her own proven techniques.