Felting, a way of reflecting a point of view, a way of being, a position in front of the standardization of the world.

International textile designers, including color specialists, all possessing a great deal of know-how, will come to create vocations.

You will discover the development of a quality work, with all kinds of textile supports, with felt.

Our universe will be that of wool, specifically the felt.

During these courses, we will work with all the wools, precious or rustics, in a colored or natural universe. Matter, color, form create a vast whole, like a conversation with the world. It is this dialogue with the quality of the fibers that will give you the direction towards multiple choices and modes of expression, for projects ranging from clothing to accessories, interior decoration and decorative arts.

You will move from the color to the material and to what it conveys as a message: to pass from this message transmitted by the color (cultural, social, emotional) to that transmitted by the wool material, the one which brings back to the tradition and the origins. The process of manual transformation of the wool by felting will allow you to approach the synthesis of these two directions of creative research, to reconnect with the gesture, by the direct and founding action of the hands on the matter .